Extraterrestrial science is an investigation that focuses on space outside the Earth: extraterrestrial. Do extraterrestrial consciousnesses exist? 


Of course, all human beings have origins outside the Earth. Our lives began on another planet. No one is "Made in Earth". The Universe beyond Earth can be investigated through parapsychic surveys. For example, by means of techniques proposed by Conscientiology to visit other planets (exoprojection). The proposal of Extraterrestrology is to broaden the understanding of the principles of universalism, cosmovision, maxifraternity, paralegalism, paradiplomacy and inter-assistance. Who are we in the face of cosmic multidiversity (see glossary of conscientiology)?

Paracosmology studies reality and pararealities in an omnidirectional way including the intraphysical visible Cosmos and the multidimensional Paracosmos. Some questions investigated by Paracosmology are: How is the Paracosmos organised? How does evolution occur? How does the exchange between sister planets work? What is the function of black holes in the Cosmos? How do societies live together in the Paracosmos? How does the Cosmic Flow work?

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One of the tasks of Extraterrestrology and Paracosmology is to encourage researchers to self-recycle and open themselves to experience the multiple realities of the Cosmos and Paracosmos from different angles of vision.


The course Interplanetary Assistance expands the mindset about cosmic coexistence through Earth specific mesology, including the inter-influence between extraphysical and intraphysical dimensions, assesses the evolutionary state of Earth after the world wars, introduces a new concept of groups of extraterrestrial helpers, invites debate about our personal participation in interplanetary assistance.


It is an online course with 4 modules of 3 hours each. Questions, doubts or ideas can be asked in the chat and will be included in the presentation. 


Date : 17th, 24th February and 2nd, 9th March 2024

Classes: Saturdays from 10am to 13pm (GMT-3)

Investment: R$ 420,00 (Payment with Paypal or Credit Card)


Enrollment: https://store.conscienciologia.org.br/product/interplanetary-assistance-%f0%9f%93%85-17-fev-a-09-mar-2024-online/

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